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How to Speak to Women Without Anxiety

We live in a time overcome by technology, where everyone everywhere carries a cell phone. So you’ve gotten her number, and you’ve been texting back and forth but can’t quite get up the nerve to call her. Why? Because the thought of speaking to her as yourself, makes you feel anxious, nervous, and vulnerable. You might worry about what you’re going to say, and if she’s going to take it the right way, will she be flattered to hear from me? Should you ask her on a date on the first call or just talk to her, and if you talk to her what are you going to talk about? So you just don’t pick up the phone, and eventually even the texting stops. There’s no reason to live in crippling fear of speaking to a woman. Continue reading

Uncovering the Secrets of Body Language

Non-verbal communication remains something of a mystery, our brains are attuned to picking up on the smallest of signals without our conscious ability to decipher what is being portrayed. Because of this, some signals are either too subtle to be noticed properly, or missed altogether. Studies in body language basics are used by Fortune 500 company headhunters, advertising executives, and within criminal justice techniques like investigation and interrogation procedures, profiling, and with defense attorneys – even in something as seemingly insignificant as hand selecting jury members. By knowing how to accurately read a person’s non-verbal communications, we learn how to get what we want most out of every encounter. Continue reading

Why Pick-Up Lines Are Never Going to Work

This is an age old story, and for some reason guys are still trying the same old thing, and expecting different results. You go to a bar, or a nightclub and you see a hot woman seated up at the bar alone. As you steel yourself and your nerves, give a quick run of your fingers through your hair, you approach her ready to lay your million dollar lines down. Here’s the truth though, not only are they more like one cent lines, but she’s already made her decision about you before you’ve even spoken a single word. Psychology professor Monica Moore speaks to this in her book, “Sex: A Man’s Guide” that the woman you’re practicing those lines on as you walk up has already decided whether she’s going to sleep with you within the first few seconds upon meeting you. Continue reading

How to Improve Self Confidence And Live a Better Life

None of us are born with any self image issues. From the time of creation to birth and even beyond, we are as pure and perfect as we will ever be.  Our needs were few, and the world was huge and promising. The only people who surrounded us were our parents and family, who always wanted us to be happy, and met our every need, and the wants we never knew we had.  But as we grew older, and our immersion into society progressed, the opinions of others began to shape how we saw ourselves. During the early years of school, the innate mean behavior all kids go through surfaced and there were bullies, as well as those who called names, or even good naturedly pushed their achievements in your face. They didn’t mean to make you feel inferior, but that’s what happened. Our young minds reach out toward that acceptance and the rebuff of criticism, as something necessary for our success as a whole, and we begin measuring ourselves against those we deem better than ourselves. Continue reading

What a Woman Is Really Seeking

There have been scores of publications released in both books and magazines that outline the differences between men and women.  One of the most famous is the book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”.  In all of these literary works, the differences are massive.  It is small wonder that there remains a yawning abyss of misunderstanding between the two sexes.  Men wonder why a woman is so hard to read, and why she seems contradictory in what she says she wants, and how she reacts when she gets it.  The entire process of attempting to please the fairer sex is so confusing, that it’s no surprise that promising casual encounters end up disasters.  Men cannot be expected to read minds, and they lack a woman’s natural intuition.  A woman is by nature, a feeler, and men are by nature doers.  You can make those contrasting natures work together by simply knowing a few key things. Continue reading

Dating throughout changing times

Times have really changed.  Going back very far into our past humanity, a Gentleman would call on a Lady by coming by her family home, and presenting his card. It was the Lady’s decision whether to turn away a suitor day to day, to accept his flowers and not himself, or to agree to meet him and spend a day with him.  Dating wasn’t even called dating then, it was called courtship, because he was courting her affections with the intent to press marriage. When the courtship went well and had gone on for the prescribed amount of time deemed proper, the Gentleman could then approach her father to work out details including a dowry, and setting a date to announce their betrothal.  During such time, the Lady was still courted by her betrothed, they were not allowed to live together, nor sleep with one another until after they were married. Continue reading

Discover your Specific Superpower that will turn you into a Badass

Josh Pellicer had been working on dating advice for years thinking that there was basically a “right way” and a “wrong way” to go about it. He noticed that some of his students appeared more gifted and some less gifted. At one stage his relationship psychology studies took a turn and he realized that his method was really only ideal for one quarter of the men, the other three quarters relied on different skill sets and would be successful using a different technique. Since then he has completely revised his teaching curriculum, obtaining much better results from students. To find out more about the product he created based on these teachings, visit our The Tao of Badass Review page. Continue reading

How to attract women across the room

In the Tao of Badass ebook, the first step of Josh’s system is called “introduction”. No, not the introduction to the course, the introduction to a woman! The introduction is when you enter into the life of a person for the first time, even if just visually.

The introduction phase is based almost entirely on body language and observing a person walk around, talk, stand etc.

The point of correcting your body language is to remove any tell-tale signs of insecurity and to show confidence. A perfectly confident walk will attract women across the room, they will notice you for it. Continue reading

Seduction Explained by Josh Pellicer

Men can appear creepy to women if they move into seduction too soon. This is the most common mistake I see men make. It’s not about allowing minutes or hours to pass either though.

The Tao of Badass explains that men must understand that seduction can start to take place at any time, after some crucial steps have been achieved. So when courting a woman, you must have a mental check box and make sure you have gotten though the steps. If you jump straight to it, you are demonstrating that you don’t understand women at all – you will be thought of as “creepy” by them and rejected. Continue reading

Escaping the “friend zone”

Men hate it and women love it. They have you wagging at them like puppy dogs and doing everything that they want you to do. You spend a fortune on dinner and drinks and wait patiently as she has her heart broken over and over again by complete jerks.

The problem is that without guidance and technique, no amount of your niceness is going to get you out of the “friend zone”. In our The Tao of Badass review, we detail how the program covers this in-depth, but here’s some tips to help you do just that. Continue reading

The System

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