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Josh Pellicer had been working on dating advice for years thinking that there was basically a “right way” and a “wrong way” to go about it. He noticed that some of his students appeared more gifted and some less gifted. At one stage his relationship psychology studies took a turn and he realized that his method was really only ideal for one quarter of the men, the other three quarters relied on different skill sets and would be successful using a different technique. Since then he has completely revised his teaching curriculum, obtaining much better results from students. To find out more about the product he created based on these teachings, visit our The Tao of Badass Review page.

The thing that got Josh thinking was when he noticed that certain personality types “did better” in a nightclub setting whereas others did better during the day, in a café , at home or online. So he studied the personality types and brought it down to 4 variables which you can discover right now by doing this simple test.

Personality test

Answer this question: If left to your own devices would you typically be early/on time for  appointments and meetings or are you typically a little late?

Now look at this image of the two light bulbs and compare them. Look at them closely and jot down at least three things.  Do it now, before you go on reading, because you will not be able to do this test once you know which mental process we are testing.

Answers to the question:

If you like to be early or on time you are a J Person or Judger Type. A Judger type likes familiarity and controlled environments. He is best suited for daytime encounters in cafes or meetings on-line. A person who is always a little late is a Perceiver, he likes new environments, nighttime and things happening all around him. If you are a Perceiver a high impact environment like a nightclub is more your natural environment.

Answer to the comparison test:

We asked you to compare, we did not specifically state if you should be finding the differences or the similarities. If you naturally went and looked for the Differences you are a D Person, whereas if you went and looked for the Similarities you are an S Person. D people are hunters, they spot a woman across the room and go out and get her. S People are also known as Sameness People, they are good at gathering women into their lives.
So know we have four variables, Judger People, Perceiver People, Difference people and Sameness People that can be positioned into a quadrant.

“Difference Perceiver” Person

So, for example, if you are a Perceiver and a Difference person you will be naturally good at going into a bar at night, spotting a woman you like and going out to get her. Now if you are this sort of person and are not yet successful in your natural dating environment, there could be some things that you still need to work on, but that doesn’t change that you were born with a natural talent in this sense. The superpower of this type is that you are a super-learner; you are particularly able to take in lots of information and learn very fast from it.

“Sameness Perceiver” Person

A Sameness person who is also a Perceiver will be able to go into a bar at night, talk to all the women there and get quite a few numbers. Sameness people need a lot of option flowing though their lives, they don’t like to go out, see one woman and go after her but rather get friendly with lots of women and allow someone in particular to “grow on them”. They will do this however in a high impact environment like a nightclub. Your superpower is the ability to become super-skilled because you will go out and try stuff on many women for quite a while and at one point a pattern will start to emerge for you. Being able to see the pattern will allow you to react appropriately and you will eventually be very powerful.

Sameness Judger Person

If you are a Judger – Sameness person you are a super-framer. You will bring many women into your life, in a low impact environment like a familiar place during the day. You are really powerful at creating an environment in which you reign. Super-framers are very successful in on-line dating, or on getting women to be attracted to them in their controlled environment. The difficulty you can encounter is getting the women into your environment in the first place, but one she is there, she will be attracted to you.

Difference Judger Person

A Judger-Difference person is a super-connecter, if you are this type of person you have the ability to connect with women the way no-one else does. They like to be in a familiar environment and they will look at the uniqueness of each woman. They can encounter difficulty in “letting go” emotionally when it doesn’t work out with a woman because they will feel that she is the only person in the world that is right for them. So, you are not a framer, people will come into your environment and then you will build really strong bonds with them over time. You tend to be a bit of a serial monogamist, and fall in love quickly and deeply.
So now that you know which Type you are and where your super-skill lies, you will be able to put add it you your PUA arsenal and exponentially better your results!



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