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How to attract women across the room

In the Tao of Badass ebook, the first step of Josh’s system is called “introduction”. No, not the introduction to the course, the introduction to a woman! The introduction is when you enter into the life of a person for the first time, even if just visually.

The introduction phase is based almost entirely on body language and observing a person walk around, talk, stand etc.

The point of correcting your body language is to remove any tell-tale signs of insecurity and to show confidence. A perfectly confident walk will attract women across the room, they will notice you for it.

Your body position from the waist up represents your power; from the waist down represents your sexuality. To attract women you will have to make a set of movements second nature to you. Practice makes perfect – the last thing you want is to look weird!
Have a friend secretly film you with his cell phone and analyze your progress. You must get to the point where the correct posture and movements make you feel damn good about yourself!

What are your head and eyes doing?

Are your eyes looking up, looking down, looking at others’ eye level, looking off into the distance? The correct thing to do is to always have your head up. Even if you look down, don’t lower your head, lower your eyes only. The only exception to the rule is if you are looking at your cell phone. It would look unnatural to hold your head up whilst looking at it, so tilt your head down when you are texting, but remember to straighten up again when you are finished.

Your eyes should look out in front of you, neither up nor down. If you need to look where you are going just take quick a quick look down and then back up again. Keep your eyes focused on the eyes and faces of the people around you. Try to remember what is where and what the floor is like.

What are your shoulders doing?

Are they slightly up, slightly down, asymmetrical or leaning to one side? Your shoulders should be back and down. If they are rolled forward it will make you look as if you are trying to hide something. What you are subconsciously doing is trying to make yourself smaller to get out of people’s way, because you are not confident enough to be in the room.

If your shoulders are up, even slightly, you are communicating to others that you are fearful. The lifted shoulders are a subconscious sign that you are trying to protect your neck! When your shoulders are back and down you will feel a slight pull on the sides of you neck and your chest will be in the right position. Don’t puff your chest out though.

What are your feet doing?

How deep is your stride? Are your steps short or long? Before you continue reading, try walking the way you would normally walk and take note of all the details. The correct way to walk is to have strides that are double the length of normal steps. Your leg should stretch out all the way and your heel should touch the ground before the rest of the foot. Then you should put your weight on your foot and take a long stride with the other leg.

Getting Attraction Going

If a woman makes eye contact with you more than once, it is very likely she will not refuse talking to you. When you approach her, be careful not to stand straight in front of her at first as this could subconsciously be read as a sign of need. Make sure you position yourself obliquely in front of her or by her side, facing in the same direction she’s facing.

Avoiding “Pecking” so you don’t Blow It

One common mistake men make in loud clubs is that they lean forward constantly to listen and to speak. This is called “pecking” and it is fatal to seduction, as it gives the woman the impression that you are not confident in believing she is interested in what you have to say.

Instead of leaning forward all the time,face the woman obliquely and turn your head so you show her your ear. Don’t lean towards her but just frown slightly as if you are trying to hear her. Chances are she will lean in in to speak to you and lean in again to hear you.

If you get her to lean over and over again she will start feeling attracted to you because her body is behaving as if she is.

Taking it Further

You can read the seduction article on this site to know more about building rapport and leading her into seduction. You can also see the “7 simple scientific tricks to have any woman you want” that Josh has on his site.


Taking it further requires you to be aware of numerous things which are too detailed to explain in one brief article, but please go out and test your new body language to find out for yourself if it works!

Josh Pellicer’s complete system is available for purchase on-line from the official site. You can Click here to access it through our verified link.

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