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Josh Pellicer


A professional dating advice celebrity has found himself appearing on:

  • NBC – TV Show
  • Current TV
  • New York Press
  • Maxim
  • Personal Life Media
  • Jay Thomas
  • Saturday Night Live

The Tao of Badass ebook Author, Joshua Pellicer,  was born in a trailer park in St. Augustine, Florida. His ancestors were brought to the United States as slaves from Europe. Once they managed to escape they traveled up the coast to St. Augustine where they finally settled.

Josh had it rough from an early age when his family first discovered he had a learning disability that meant he needed to repeat the same sequence over and over before grasping the pattern. His disability would prove to help him later in life when he was able to put his “pattern learning mind” to use as the key to his PUA (pickup artist) techniques.

He met his girlfriend whilst working at a gas station and learning kung-fu  They decided to move in together and he began studying psychology whilst keeping two jobs. The problem was that his girlfriend walked all over him doing anything she said and giving her everything she wanted. His BIG turning point was when he found himself sleeping in his car for three days to avoid his girlfriends father who came to visit and didn’t know they lived together. He finally “manned-up” and broke up with her.

During those sleepless nights in his car, he picked up his psychology books on the back seat and started reading up on male-female interaction. He decided to begin applying what he had been reading.

Josh started taking his new studies study very seriously, accumulating knowledge on dating advice, building rapport, etiquette, personality typing, seduction and body language. In a short space of time he had spent 100’s of hours pouring over and researching covering the same topic.

He started formulating his own theories and put them into practice at work and on his nights out. It took him little over a year to become a celebrity for his new-age dating advice and techniques. He started getting paid for his time with clients having to book 3 months in advance to secure hi service. He was even asked to host a radio show on Sirius XM which served to grow his reputation even more. His TAO of Badass has become a “classic” in PUA circles and guys all over the world find themselves using his techniques to successfully meet woman and get dates.

He is presently enjoying life as a wealthy millionaire and continues to do research for new books.


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