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Seduction Explained by Josh Pellicer

Men can appear creepy to women if they move into seduction too soon. This is the most common mistake I see men make. It’s not about allowing minutes or hours to pass either though.

The Tao of Badass explains that men must understand that seduction can start to take place at any time, after some crucial steps have been achieved. So when courting a woman, you must have a mental check box and make sure you have gotten though the steps. If you jump straight to it, you are demonstrating that you don’t understand women at all – you will be thought of as “creepy” by them and rejected.

What is seduction?

Knowing how to seduce a woman that you have just met is a very empowering thing to know. But what is seduction anyway? Seduction is an overload of your “emotional brain” and a deadening of your “logical brain” when sexuality is injected. When your emotional brain is heightened, you can make emotional decisions that can be rather stupid because they are totally illogical!

So during the second phase of interaction with a woman (called rapport) you will heighten her emotional brain and your own too. Then you will inject sexuality.
You can’t walk up and inject sexuality on the outset, because it won’t work. Also it won’t work if you stimulate her emotional brain but do not inject sexuality. For seduction to occur, sexuality must be injected in the right emotional context.

How do you emotionally heighten women?

It’s quite simple to emotionally heighten women. It’s as basic as getting them to share an emotional story. Start by sharing your emotions and trying to draw out her emotions. You don’t need to know where she works or where she lives. You don’t even need to know her name. Skip all that “dating red tape” and try to find a subject she seems willing to speak about.

You can start off by speaking about something which made you happy, sad or embarrassed. It must be something women can relate to, so avoid sports and car topics until you have discovered whether or not she relates to these topics (oh yes, some women do!) Discussing a family issue, a pet issue, a community issue etc can get the ball rolling.

Build sexual attraction

You can build sexual attraction by thinking about things that turn you on sexually when you are well into your emotional rapport with her. Think about whatever turns you on. When you are aroused, even if you do not speak about sex, your body language will give away some signs; your pupils will dilate, you might close you your eyes slightly, your jaw could clench lightly, your neck muscles might tighten a little. You will be giving signals to her subconscious mind that you are becoming aroused, and because you are having an emotional connection, she will be open to it.

Take her from mild attraction to full arousal

Look at her mouth often while she is speaking, but be subtle about it. Move your eyes to and fro, from her eyes to her mouth. Also touch her shoulder or her hand. If before you were touching her lightly, allow yourself to make your touch a little more similar to a caress. Touch her lightly but deliberately, not as if you’re sneaking it in and are afraid of being rejected.

NEVER squeeze her or pull her towards you, ever! Don’t overpower her or she won’t feel comfortable with you physically. Character-wise, start behaving more like a man and less like a buddy. Be powerful. The whole point of rapport is to get her to feel comfortable with you physically, emotionally and sexually.

Getting her to kiss you

At one stage you will notice that she is leaning towards you, touching her hair, touching you and looking at your mouth when you speak. This means she is thinking about kissing you. The best thing to say then is “It’s okay”. She will say “What? What do you mean?” and you can say “It’s okay, you can kiss me, I want to kiss you, too”. Don’t rush it there. Don’t lean in.

Allow her to come towards you, smile at her, take your time. From there onwards things can go very fast.

Be responsible

When these techniques are done properly there isn’t really much a woman can do to get herself out of it, so be responsible. Don’t take a woman to seduction who you can tell doesn’t actually want to go there.

These are just a few of the hundreds of seduction techniques taught by Josh, and they work incredibly well. the-tao-of-badass-reviewThe others are explained in The Tao of Badass. See also the “7 simple scientific tricks to have any woman you want” long video on the official site.

The Tao of Badass is a complete system made up of books, audio tapes, flow charts and cheat sheets. It is a “classic” amongst pick up artists.

Click here to find out more on the official site (verified link) 

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