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What a Woman Is Really Seeking

There have been scores of publications released in both books and magazines that outline the differences between men and women.  One of the most famous is the book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”.  In all of these literary works, the differences are massive.  It is small wonder that there remains a yawning abyss of misunderstanding between the two sexes.  Men wonder why a woman is so hard to read, and why she seems contradictory in what she says she wants, and how she reacts when she gets it.  The entire process of attempting to please the fairer sex is so confusing, that it’s no surprise that promising casual encounters end up disasters.  Men cannot be expected to read minds, and they lack a woman’s natural intuition.  A woman is by nature, a feeler, and men are by nature doers.  You can make those contrasting natures work together by simply knowing a few key things.

People are fond of repeating the quote that actions speak louder than words.  It’s been true since the dawn of time; body language is so important and a little used tool.  Despite the differences in all people, crossing both cultural and societal beliefs, one thing will always remain the same.  Our body will make bold statements to contradict what we’re saying.  Most people don’t even know what to watch for, so the social cues are lost.  Learning what these movements mean and what to watch for can be the edge you need in any encounter.  Josh Pellicer’s book, The Tao of Badass, details body language in a way that is easy to understand, dynamic and vivid.  He provides solid research that can be applied in the field to practice and observe the fruits of your labor.  Bottom line, body language matters… a lot.

It does not stop there however.  People are complex creatures, our brains are so highly developed that we become complicated even to ourselves.  How can we expect anyone to know us when some of us don’t even know ourselves?  Add to this the difference between how a woman sees the world, and how a man does, and there’s a lot of room for mistakes.  A woman is seeking to nurture, she wants to be a mate and a mother, and is looking for the strongest and most suitable partner to father her children.  She wants to feel pride knowing she has selected the alpha male, the most powerful and potent man she can find.  An alpha male appears self confident, assured of himself and his environment, happy, genuine and lighthearted.  He must make it look effortless.  The book explains how to capitalize on your own strengths to appear an alpha male even if you have always been anything but.  By behaving as one, you will notice your world imitate you behavior by treating you as one.  You will experience a real transformation in the physical sense as well.

Josh suggests engaging in light conversation that does not appear encroaching on her space.  Find a mutual interest that creates a two-way discussion that she will want to give input on.  He even offers tips like touching her every few minutes, in ways she won’t even notice.  A simple brush along her arm that is quickly removed, will keep her linking you to a physical connection and not just a verbal one.  No man wants to be instantly friend-zoned, and creating intimacy early will keep you solidly out of that area.  Though romance suggests you gaze into her eyes, it is actually seen as a challenge, and a threat.  He suggests instead, to gaze at her lips as she talks, to her eyes, and back again to her mouth.  It creates sensuality subconciously, telling her that you are attracted without having to say a word.  You’re looking to create an atmosphere rich with opportunity, intimacy, and sensuality.  You want to draw her in, without appearing to.  Think about things that turn you on as you speak with her.  It has the benefit of causing physical reactions that cannot be faked, like dilation of your pupils, flushing of the skin, and is a direct sign to her that you’re into her.  Listen to her actively, and don’t be so distracted by your own thoughts that you are incapable of responding properly at pivotal moments.

The book does more than give insight into the inner workings of the mind and body, and instructs you on how to walk, how to carry yourself, and how to recognize how others see your public image.  He tells you how to nurture the alpha male inside of yourself, putting you in the top spot for every woman’s most desirable mate.  Analyze your past dates that went wrong, and try to understand where you went wrong as you digest the information available in the Tao of Badass.  Most of the troubles come from simply not knowing what a woman is truly looking for.  Often it is not what they say at all.  She, like you, is attempting to put her best foot forward, and may simply be saying what she thinks you want to hear.  No woman is going to reveal what she’s really looking for, especially not on a first date, so it falls to you to know this, even when she may not.  Josh allows all men to learn from the many mistakes of those who have failed in their efforts to gain the lead over all others.

the-tao-of-badass-reviewThis book, while full of incredible information and insight is not something you can just read and leave however.  This must be applied with practice and diligence, it is a change to your way of behaving and how you present your public self, and is not a transformation that happens overnight.  To expect his instruction to work, you must be dedicated, and willing to put in the effort.  There are numerous other benefits offered in his program, including forum access which is crucial in allowing a peer to peer network to share ideas that work.  This book is not just a way to pick up women, it is an improvement on your social life… FOR LIFE.  Read The Tao of Badass reviews to see the multitude of other things that are offered with the book, and see some instant tips and advice that you can try for free to see that this, is unlike anything else out there.

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